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About us

Alfa Laval Aalborg Header-coil A/S is a strategic joint venture cooperation between Alfa Laval and Aalborg CSP A/S.

The collaboration aims at addressing the increasing global need for reliable heat exchangers and salt systems for long duration energy storage applications thereby enhancing competences, product development, and application knowledge in the header-coil heat exchanger technology. The purpose of the joint venture is, likewise, to drive the advancement of, among other things, steam generation systems, molten salt heat exchangers, PTX-salt systems, Carnot batteries for thermal-electrical storage and power blocks for the next generation of long duration energy storages ultimately enabling a future 100% renewable energy system.

The joint venture combines Alfa Laval’s decade-long experience within design and development of heat transfer technologies with Aalborg CSP’s immense expertise within design and delivery of boilers, complex systems, renewable energy technologies and energy storage.

Heat exchangers

Header-coil heat exchangers designed to withstand high pressure, high duty and transient operation for high long-term reliability and efficiency.

Energy storage solutions

Flexible, low-cost and efficient energy storage solutions such as Carnot batteries and power-to-salt systems based on header-coil heat exchanger technology.