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Energy storage solutions

Energy storage that allows us to save and use renewable energy on demand

is a critical element on the pathway to decarbonization.


  • Stable and cost-effective energy supply
  • Balance between supply and demand
  • Added system flexibility
  • Security of supply
  • Energy independence
  • Supports sector coupling

The growth of fluctuating renewable energy sources such as solar and wind requires flexible, low-cost and efficient energy storage solutions to create balance between supply and demand and ensure security of supply.

Several solutions are currently being developed, many of which will be reliant on heat exchangers as core components. These solutions include Carnot batteries, Power-to-salt systems and molten salt storage for coal conversion.

Power-to-salt systems

Ensures significant optimization of a system’s flexibility and efficiency for industrial size and utility scale projects.

Carnot battery

Flexible, low-cost and efficient storage solution for balance between supply and demand and security of supply.

Coal conversion

Turning coal fired power plants into renewable energy hubs by means of molten salt thermal energy storages.

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