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Thermal oil steam generators

The thermal oil steam generators are all developed based on traditional boiler principles

and are designed to carry high bankability potential.


  • High long-term reliability
  • Optimized thermal performance
  • Leakage-free design
  • Rapid ramp-up and flexible operation
  • Positive impact on levelised cost of energy (LCOE)
  • High availability and profitability
  • Low operation and maintenance costs

Leakage-free operation and high availability

The steam generators using thermal oil as heat transfer fluid are 100% welded, designed according to ASME and EN standards. This eliminates leakages and significantly reduces the number of failures (to close to zero) over the lifetime expectancy of the equipment resulting in high availability and low operation and maintenance cost.

Improved productivity and electricity earning

By reducing downtime both productivity and electricity earning as well as the general payback time of the power plant is greatly improved. For a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant, the fast ramp-up can ensure more than 30 minutes extra operation on a normal 9-hour day, thereby increasing energy production by 5%.

Oil-to-salt heat exchangers

Ensures a safe and reliable heat transfer and optimized performance between the hot and cold TES tanks.

Thermal oil steam generators

Provides operational benefits such as fast start-up, leakage-free operation and low maintenance requirements. 

Molten salt steam generators

Designed to meet emerging market expectations for cost-efficient and reliable electricity production.

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