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Header-coil heat exchangers

The demand for reliable and efficient heat exchanger solutions increases

as energy storage is becoming increasingly important.


  • Customized solutions
  • Designed for high pressure and high duty applications
  • Low approach point
  • High long-term reliability
  • High thermal performance
  • Leakage-free design
  • High availability and profitability
  • Low operation and maintenance costs

High pressure and high duty applications

Our header-coil heat exchangers are designed to withstand thermal stresses, transient operation and cyclical load patterns, which are the daily load patterns of e.g., CSP, energy storage and Power-to-X plants. The header-coil design reduces the thermal stress profile on the equipment eliminating the risk of leakages. It provides higher performance due to higher heat transfer coefficient per ton of equipment enabled by the technology’s full counterflow design with high manufacturability allowing lower cost levels. This design furthermore ensures a low approach point resulting in a higher thermal efficiency and allows for a better utilization of the pressure drop.

Customized solutions

The header-coil heat exchanger technology has proven its design reliability within the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) industry and has been further optimized for high duty applications e.g., Carnot battery, SMR and AMR. 
We customize our heat exchanger and steam generator solutions to fit individual needs and requirements to ensure the most reliable performance. Regardless of industry or application, our engineers aim to design a solution that excel in operation andincrease plant revenue. We work closely together with our customers to design the optimal solution tailored to match and solve specific challenges.

Oil-to-salt heat exchangers

Ensures a safe and reliable heat transfer and optimized performance between the hot and cold TES tanks.

Thermal oil steam generators

Provides operational benefits such as fast start-up, leakage-free operation and low maintenance requirements. 

Molten salt steam generators

Designed to meet emerging market expectations for cost-efficient and reliable electricity production.

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Jens Taggart Pelle
Vice President of Technical Sales
Header-coil heat exchangers
Phone: +45 30 80 69 10